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House Number Plaques

House number plaques can be ordered in a range of materials, including floatating black plaques, solid stone engraved, or Solar-lit. Postage costs for standard house number plaques are around PS10 for numbers and PS20 for names. The postage cost of custom orders and overseas orders will be discussed at the time of enquiry. The price of the products does not include VAT. We are happy to deliver your order within two weeks of order.

Floating black house number plaques

The Distinctions(tm) flush mount house number is the perfect way to add a touch of elegance to your entryway. This unique piece doubles as a planter for your front porch and is available for purchase at Home Depot or other retail outlets. Alternatively, you can choose to build your own plaque by assembling scrap wood and sealing it with weatherproof sealant. Here are some ideas for your project:

If you’re putting up a black house number plaque, you may want to consider mounting it beneath exterior sconces. This will make the numbers pop and shine, making it easy for guests to find your address even after dark. Distinctions’ four-inch domed numbers look bolder than the standard sets on a green address plaque. A black float mount house number plaque, on the other hand, is more contemporary, and the company’s Floating Mount House Number is available on Amazon.

Solid stone engraved house numbers

If you are looking for an elegant house number that will stand out in a neighborhood, consider a stone engraved house number plaque. Whether it is vertical or horizontal, they are available in many different styles and colors. Stone is the most durable material for house number plaques, so you’re sure to find a beautiful one that will match the beauty of your home. Here are a few ideas for engraving on stone:

One type of material you can choose is granite. Unlike the faux stone plaques you might find on other markers, granite is a real stone that is 3/4″ thick and measures 8 inches by 14 inches. You can even choose to have your name or other information carved into the stone. And don’t worry – there are no stone carving or paint restrictions. You can even have your house number carved into the stone, and it will look just as great as any other plaque.

Solar-lit house number plaques

Solar-lit house number plaques are an inexpensive way to add a little flair to your house. Sunface makes solar-lit house number plaques that are easy to install. This model includes a whiteboard for easy entryway reading and a resin frame. These signs come with mounting hardware that is easy to use and require no wiring. Once mounted, they can stand up to the elements for a full night of illumination.

These modern house number plaques are weather-resistant and feature two modes of lighting. The warm white mode is brighter and helps you see the house number in poor light conditions. They have IP65 waterproof rating and a 270-degree rotatable solar panel that improves light conversion efficiency. The plaques are mounted on stakes made from durable nylon, glass fiber, and aluminum alloy. Most of these house number plaques can be mounted on a wall or stand on the ground.

A monocrystalline solar panel powers the 2000-mAh lithium-ion battery in the plaque. When fully charged, the 43 LEDs will illuminate for 10 hours. A smart control sensor regulates the light’s operation and two lighting modes are available: warm and cool. Warm light gives more visibility in foggy or rainy conditions. Cool white lights emphasize home numbers in dim lighting. A simple switch switches between warm and cool lighting.

Solar house number plaques have many advantages. They are cost-effective and will not affect your electrical bill. And they won’t add to your carbon footprint. Plus, unlike traditional electric house number plaques, these solar-lit house number plaques do not add extra cash to the grid. This means that solar house number plaques are an excellent choice for anyone looking to add a little bling to their home. So, why wait?

While an address sign is a necessary component of any home, having an illuminated sign outside your home can make finding your way home more convenient. The address plaque is usually mounted on the outside of your house, but it can also serve as a decorative piece. The plaque is typically made of galvanized steel with a powder-coat finish to match modern exteriors. It also features LED lights that turn on automatically during dusk and shut off at dawn.

If you’re looking for a more durable model, you might consider a Forup Lighted Solar House Numbers with Three Modes. These are highly waterproof, and feature a motion-detecting mode to help you find your house more quickly. And while they don’t have the best lighting, they’re still affordable and attractive enough to add a little personality to your home. With so many options out there, finding a solar-lit house number plaque for your house shouldn’t be too difficult. If you have decided to purchase a FORUP Lighted House Number Plaque, remember that you can get it from any online store that sells home products.

The main advantage of solar-lit house number plaques is that they don’t need any wiring or electricity. They can be installed in as little as fifteen minutes. Unlike traditional neon signs, solar-lit house number plaques can help emergency services and drivers find your home in the dark. These devices are available for any type of address, including a combination of a digital template and a physical one. You can buy them separately or in a package.

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