EcoStone Environmentally Friendly 2 digit House Number – right hand wedge – UWN2R



EcoStone Environmentally Friendly 2 digit House Number – right hand wedge – UWN2R. This EcoStone house number is 205 x 125mm and has a contemporary sloping shape that is 30mm thick at one end and 12mm thick at the other. Choose from a left handed or right handed orientation and slope the number towards your front door leading your visitors inside. ONE/ TWO/ THREE number(s) available on this sign that will be sandblast engraved in Arial lowercase font and hand painted in black only. The numbers are offset to the thicker edge of the sign to create a modern look. Supplied with our hidden fixing kit as standard giving a fixing free appearance. This sign is made in Britain and the material producer is a member of the UK Green Building Council. VIDEO GUIDE: How to fit your hidden fixings. Fitting an Ecostone house sign with hidden fixings About EcoStone: A new composite material made from the fused glass from recycled televisions, recycled vitrified porcelain and recovered waste glaze from tile manufacturing. EcoStone offers a genuinely sustainable alternative to natural stone products, with the added advantage of complete control over form, colour and texture. The low environmental impact production process, uses no resin or cement binders. Which means that we can re-use all the waste from the production process. Furthermore, all the products can themselves be recycled when they come to end of their life. All EcoStone products are made from 99% recycled materials and 1% ceramic colour pigment. It is frost, chemical and 100% UV stable designed for use in both interior and exterior applications. Making EcoStone: 1) The EcoStone mix is added to a wooden mould. 2)Each layer is compressed into the mould by hand. 3)Additional layers are added until the mould is tightly packed. 4)The surface is smoothed and levelled using a straight edge. 5) The mould is removed and the EcoStone is fired in a kiln allowing the glass to fuse the material together. 6)When cooled, the sign is sanded smooth and a chamfer edge added. 7)The material is then ready to made into a sign. EcoStone video: VIDEO GUIDE TO FITTING YOUR ECOSTONE HOUSE SIGN


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